A Look At The Evolution Of The Indian Satta Matka Industry

The casino games offer easy prize money and extensive entertainment. This is just the reason why it is popular worldwide and it should be no different here in India. One must however realize that the term casino is rarely used in the context of Indian gambling. The use is restricted to some select spots and the more prevalent option is the Indian Satta Matka. This is the term, which gamblers on the streets and everywhere are most accustomed with. The Satta Matka game has been played by the masses for more than six decades. It is a number guessing game and participants have loved it ever since the game first evolved almost six decades ago.

When did it all start?

As you walk down memory lane, one will see that the Indian Satta Matka was not the first form of gambling in India. The game evolved in 1961 but ten years before that, the Ankur Jugar game existed in India. It was gambling on the opening prices of cotton trades on the next day at the stock exchanges and it was popular among the masses. However, cotton trades were stopped at the stock exchanges and that was the end of Ankur Jugar. However, betting by that time had become a knack and was destined to continue. As a result the Satta Matka came into prominence and is still played in major Indian cities.

What is the game and some of the recent changes?

The Satta Matka removes cotton prices as a medium of betting and the concept is now a number guessing game. The first operations were conducted by the Kalyan Matka way back in 1961 and it is flourishing to this date. The Worli Matka is another market, which evolved a decade later and that too is popular amongst the betting community. The Kalyan Matka runs for seven days a week and the Worli Matka operates 5 days a week. You can participate in both the Matka boards, but there has been a significant change. For a participant today you can access the betting online and that is not all. There was always a confusion regarding the legitimacy of this format of betting. The authorities today have granted legal status to the online format of Satta Matka. Therefore, if you are able to access the fun but without having to worry about legal issues, you must log into the online websites. Once you complete the registration, it should be easy to participate in the betting.

Is it all about entertainment?

There is an entertainment value on offer from the Matka guessing undoubtedly but your focus will be on the cash prizes. There is a cash transaction happening and you would be looking to pick some of it up. You could achieve the objective with some clever calculated guessing of numbers. There are tips to pick up as you are guessing Satta Matka numbers. These tips help you to have a grasp of betting and you can make more correct guesses. This way you can mint the money a lot better.





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