The Best OnePlus Nord 2 Phone


The next smartphone from the popular Oxygen corporation is the OxygenOS 2. It’s more of an evolution of their first device, the Oxygen Mobile phone. With all the OxygenOS 2 features, I believe this phone has a leg up on its competition. Lets break down the differences between the two devices to see how it fares in the smartphone market.

OS: The most obvious difference between the two devices is the OS (operating system). The former features OxygenOS 2.0, while the latter features the previous OS, Oxygen OS. In many ways, the two differ too much that they can be considered as two different platforms. The OxygenOS 2 features a lot of new features that are a mix of old and new, such as, built-in radio, notification center, improved camera functionality, and much more. However, the primary difference is in the battery life. The Nord 2 has a 5,000mAh battery life, which is quite plenty for one and a half full days of use (a week if you are a heavy multimedia user).

Camera: Both phones have a front-mounted camera, albeit, the former features a lower resolution. The iPhone’s advantage here lies in the fact that the iPhone can take good pictures in low light scenarios, where the Nokia cannot. On the other hand, the OxygenOS 2 features a 13 megapixel camera with an f/2.4 lens. This might seem a bit low when compared to the iPhone’s 5 megapixel camera, but it’s quite adequate. The battery life of the iPhone in low light also helps in boosting its appeal to users, who can leave the smartphone on overnight to take pictures without worrying about the performance. However, the lack of OMA memory is a setback for the Nokia smartphones in this respect, since it limits the storage space of the devices.

Ultra-wide camera: The OnePlus Nord 2 sports an Ultra-Wide camera, one of the largest available on modern smartphones. It has an advanced image stabilization, so you will not be subject to turning your back to take a photo in the right situation. For those taking their pictures using the rear-facing and front-facing cameras, the dual image stabilization ensures that the shot is taken in the right direction. It is noteworthy that the smartphone does not have a solid bar for the selfies, hence the facial recognition issue. It is probably because the feature was not developed for this device, or perhaps it is only available in select markets. OnePlus Nord 2

pixel 4a5g: The Nokia OxygenOS 2 features a much larger pixel 4a5g sensor, one that works to reduce blurring in low-light situations. However, this does not mean that the device is better at taking photos in low light; in fact, it is quite the opposite in many cases. The lack of optical zoom could pose problems in low light, but this could be addressed through manual adjustment.

Grey S Sierra: The HTC Desire HD offers a 16 megapixel primary and secondary camera, but the problem with the camera on this phone is the grey haze on the sides. This is because the display has been over-exposed. Fortunately, there is a software utility that can be used to remedy the situation. The OnePlus Nord 2 features an effective grey smudge removal utility, which helps eliminate the grey haze on the sides of the screen.

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