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Modern technology has launched our methods of communication far beyond what might have been comprehensible just a few years ago. The microprocessor has literally changed the world in almost every sense. No matter how far away a target audience may be, chances are great that you can reach them with your message. Cell phone technology and the internet may appear to have replaced all other methods of communication, but don’t be fooled into complacency.

What would happen when the power grid fails or a backup generator runs out of fuel? How would you communicate without the modern and necessary convenience of electricity? You may never be without your cell phone, but chances are that at one time or another you forgot or misplaced the charger. Inevitably the battery will go dead. Without the added skill of Morse code, you may find yourself stuck in an undesirable location and no means to gain the attention of those in a position to assist you. online QR Code scanner

Imagine being aboard a ship stranded at sea with a failed generator and dead batteries. There’s another ship on the distant horizon, but without a functional radio, how could you establish communication with them? If you happen to have a decent flashlight, chances are great that you could send them a message and avert total disaster. With a few simple clicks on the flashlight, you could transmit the message above and very well receive the help you need to get out of harm’s way.

Morse code may be an old technology, but it has survived the test of time because it remains an effective method of communication. With a personal knowledge of Morse code, you can communicate with a global community of ham radio operators; people trained to “get the message through” in harsh and disastrous situations. Learning how to transmit and receive messages in Morse code is a beneficial skill and very well could be used to save your life, the life of someone you love, or even a complete stranger in a far away land.

Communicating with Morse code can also be entertaining and bring new and interesting people into your life. With a rather simple amateur radio setup and an FCC exam based on an easy to learn question pool, (Click Here) you could begin communicating with people from around the globe. Many radio operators enjoy coming into contact with new people and are willing to help tutor others in the skill. As with all new skills, Morse code does require practice, but a commitment to learn the phonetic alphabet helps keep your mind sharp, can even impress friends and neighbors and could be called upon by the authorities should the need arise for your valuable skill.

The dots and dashes that comprise the fundamental Morse code have served generations as an invaluable method of reliable and precise communication. It may seem such a simple, passing technology, but it is a vital part of our history. If you have any interest at all in learning Morse code, you could very well be a personal custodian of the global treasure that is Morse code.


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