What You Need to Know About Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excess fat from your upper arms. This article tells you what you need to know about arm liposuction so that you don’t feel anxious if you decide to go in for the procedure. The surgery can help you achieve slim and well-contoured arms that are proportionate with the rest of the body.

Arm Liposuction Surgery – Are you a Good Candidate? defined arms 

This procedure is suitable for you if you are not more than 11 kilos overweight and have flab in the upper arms which did not respond to exercise or serious dieting measures. However, it’s important that you have reasonable expectations as to the outcome of the surgery. Even if you feel that you are a candidate for the procedure, ultimately, only your plastic surgeon can ascertain this. There could be contraindications and the surgeon will first examine you to determine whether any are applicable in your case.

Contraindications for the Procedure

Some people cannot have upper arm liposuction done because of contraindications they may have. You may not be a proper candidate for upper arm liposuction if you had extensive surgery for breast cancer or s radical mastectomy. Allergy, heart disease, diabetes, bleeding disorders, clotting disorders and lung disease are some conditions that can be contraindications for the surgery.

What Happens During the Procedure?

After the administration of anesthesia, a cannula with a minute diameter is introduced through one or two incisions in the skin. The cannula is used to break up the fatty cells. The ruptured fat is then extracted through suction. You may have to do an additional procedure called an arm tuck to tighten any loose, inelastic skin that fails to shrink back to the suitable level.

The usual duration of the procedure is one to two hours. However, if you are going in for an additional procedure such as breast enhancement or liposuction on other body areas, the time taken would be longer.

An advanced and highly popular liposuction technique now available involves the use of a cannula with a laser-enabled fiber to destroy the fat cells. One example is Smartlipo™ using the Smartlipo Triplex™ workstation. This FDA-approved laser liposuction technique is very effective, precise and safe, and offers remarkable skin tightening capabilities. It also limits scarring making it a more favorable option than the traditional technique.

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